My Cycle.℠  

Period tracking forged on an idea that it should be easy to use, have less intrusive personal data collection, and be more accurate than typical period tracking apps.

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Better Period Tracking
Menstrual Cycle Mapping℠

Mapping Your Cycle.

The Menstrual Cycle Mapping℠ app provides a platform where females can get a map of their menstrual cycle; harnessing predictive, actionable strategies and tactics related to individual phases of the cycle for typical female health tracking, recreational activities, or athletic training,

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When You Know℠

To Know A Woman, Know Her Cycle.℠ Menstrual Cycle Mapping℠ is predictive, actionable recommendations aimed at relating the menstrual cycle with relationships, exercise, injury prevention, and female wellness overall. It’s a life tool to understand more about your physical and emotional well-being. It's a relationship. It evolves with your journaling. You evolve with the Mapping.

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60 Days
No Cost Tracking

Register your email address, verify your authentication code, establish a password, and you’ll have access to the Menstrual Cycle Mapping℠ app for 60 days grace, no cost.

Data Fidelity

We don't have any intention to sell subscriber or participant data. We sell an ethically based, technology subscription that presents wellness data in meaningful way.

Locked Subscription Rates

Subscription rates are locked when you register. Your price stays the same, even if your subscription is paused and then restarted. Any time you come back to the app, even if subscription rates increase, your subscription rates stay as they were on the date you registered, never increasing.

Bestow your account to someone else!

If you don't need cycle tracking or mapping anymore, you may bestow your subscription, and your locked rates, to any one email address of a daughter, niece, or friend . . . any individual person you want!

Understanding The Difference.

Typical Period Tracking

Collects basic information; offers a generic snapshot of the period and ovulation phases.

Menstrual Cycle Mapping℠

A predictive roadmap with phase-specific empowerment and actionable paths relating the menstrual cycle with relationships, exercise, injury prevention, and female wellness overall.

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